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Beauty News 


The spa pro’s at Cal-a-Vie believe that waterless treatments will be a huge trend for next year due to regional droughts across the country. Protecting the environment and centering on GREEN is an ongoing focus for Spa Professionals and their clients. Without using an excess amount of water, natural oils and plant extracts are able to penetrate the skin more intensely—effectively delivering beneficial antioxidants and vitamins for a healthier skin in treatment. Cal-a-Vie is staying on top of current trends by featuring an exhilarating Exfoliating Body Scrub, a completely waterless, full-body treatment that can also be offered as a pre-massage add-on.  A gentle exfoliant is smoothed onto the skin until it becomes a fine powder that is brushed off. The skin is then replenished with creamy body milk formulated with hydrating marine extracts.





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Fitness News

Get in line this year!!!The fitness experts at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa believe the biggest fitness trend in 2017 will be form-based fitness. Educating the fitness population on how to get up, get out and move effectively with keeping good form as their foundation. Keeping good form as the number one priority will help reduce the chance for injury and create a feeling of self-accomplishment that will ensure continued growth and long-term commitment.  Fitness goers have been on the hunt year after year for the next best and biggest “item” or “craze” to hit the fitness realm when in actuality, there needs to be a stronger focus on their body as a whole and how they move it through simple, day to day movements.  Fitness instructor Gray Cook does a great Functional Movement Screening (FMS) that helps to identify A-Symmetries in the body.  Knowing if one side moves better than the other can help us identify weaknesses and from there we can create a program to help better “balance” the body. 






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Heath News 

This month, Cal-a-Vie will be the first Health Spa in the U.S. to introduce WellnessFX, a breakthrough technology which allows guests to digitally manage, understand and improve personal health. Guests will have access to advanced blood testing analysis, personalized consultations with progressive health practitioners, and intuitive online health and habit tracking from the convenience of their smart phone or computer.





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10 Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips for the Holidays

  1. Keep the sweets to a minimum- Trojan Horse Hot Potato: just pass that fruit cake as a present onto someone else.  If you host a party and people bring dessert or you buy dessert, make sure a few of your care-free guests leave with all the blood-sugar spiking leftovers.
  2. Try to stay hydrated with all the extra imbibing- make sure to treat your body kindly, especially after heavy drinking.  Drinking water not only helps you recover from a hang-over faster, it also gives your liver a little extra help in getting toxins out of the body.  16-20 oz. of room temperature lemon water first thing in the morning is a great way to give your liver an extra helping hand. 
  3. Get stocked up on your supplements from Cal-a-vie ahead of time!  With all the extra stress and less regimented eating, taking your supplements as usual is something you can fall back on.  Running out of supplements during the holiday season is an unnecessary and preventable hassle. My advice?  Call our boutique for a 3 month supply before the holidays hit.
  4. Get a group of friends together and start a nutrient-dense cleanse before AND after the holidays.  If you head into the holidays eating clean and feeling good, you will be less likely to abuse the holiday season with the excuse that you’ll get back on track after the New Year ball drops.  If you can’t find a good cleanse that will work at either of these critical times, consider visiting Cal-a-Vie: your health and waistline will say thank you!
  5. Truly follow the 80/20 rule during the holidays.  Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by having an all-or-nothing attitude. Unrealistic expectations are the best way to throw caution to the wind after your first mistake.  Give yourself permission to enjoy the “special occasions” that are penciled into your calendar.  For all the other ordinary days, try your best to stick to your normal healthy routine.  
  6. Don’t skip meals as a way to save on calories.  Skipping meals during the day seem like a great way to “bank” calories to spend later on alcohol, sweets or a banquet feast.  Did you know that skipping meals can cause low blood sugar?  This turns on a signaling cascade that drives up stress hormones, which then tells your liver to breakdown glycogen or even worse, muscle, in order to dump sugar into your bloodstream.  You can potentially increase inflammation in the body from allowing your blood sugars to rollercoaster.  It’s better to keep things stable and steady all throughout the day, and not give yourself an excuse to over-indulge at night.
  7. Keep that serotonin running high without all the calories.  Remember that carbs and sugar are not the only thing that raise serotonin, that feel-good hormone and neurotransmitter.  Physical touch, exercise, being in nature, laughter, expressing love/appreciation and recalling happy memories all raise serotonin.  Focus on the right things during the holidays.
  8. Fight for parasympathetic downtime to balance out all the extra sympathetic activity- see if you can sneak away for a morning walk, a mid-day massage, an afternoon yoga class, or my favorite, a post-dinner Epsom Salt bath with your favorite essential oil followed an early bedtime (on nights that you don’t have a social activity planned, of course).
  9. Don’t be afraid to prioritize your holiday events.  Don’t obligate yourself to every invitation.  Pick and choose which ones are important to go to and which ones you’ll politely decline.  Try not to schedule activities back to back with no rest.  Remember it’s a marathon to get through the holidays so pace yourself.  It’s harder to recover from the holidays when you’ve burned yourself out.
  10.  Keep stress manageable by shopping strategically.  The best way to raise blood pressure and ruin your cortisol curve is to go to Macy’s a week before Christmas and get into a fight with a fellow stressed-out shopper over a last-one-in-stock item because you forgot to buy a present for your second cousin once removed.  If you don’t want to be wearing that winter coat at the end of the season, spare yourself the stress of shopping last minute and get smart.  Start early, shop online, recruit your housekeeper or personal assistant to shop for you, or even better, call up the Cal-a-Vie boutique and pick out a few items that you can get gift-wrapped and shipped hassle-free to most if not all of your friends and family.


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