Can't decide between a golf getaway or a wellness retreat? Our Golf Getaway package offers the best of both!


We believe that skin and body therapies are an essential element of overall health. Developed in coordination with international health and beauty experts, our tailored Beauty and Body program provides the ultimate experience!
You’ve waited long enough to restore your body to its natural balance.

Mind Body Spirit

Bring your life into focus through the ancient arts of Yoga and meditation. We believe mental clarity is a vital part of your health which is why we place a special focus on mind-body-spirit as an essential aspect of our program.
Bring your life into focus through the ancient arts of Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation.


Today there are more reasons than ever to get fit and healthy. Your mind and your body respond through increased energy levels, better function and improved stamina, allowing you to achieve more in life!
Who knew getting fit could be so fun! Our fitness teams help turn "I wish..." into "I will."


We strive to immerse our guests in a Cal-a-Vie culinary experience that embraces mindful eating and reconnects with real food. Our cuisine features nutrient-packed dishes inspired by the garden that are artfully presented and served with genuine hospitality. Our intention is to model authenticity in the way we interact with our food, our health, and the communities in which we live - and empower our guests to do the same.
Each dish maximizes the benefits of your award winning fitness and beauty program.


Improve your game, learn new skills, and enjoy a great workout on our “red clay” court.