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In line with the Governor’s lifting of his California state-wide Stay at Home Order, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is now open to guests and offering full programs of spa treatments, fitness classes, nutrition consultations and more. Our reservations agents are available to help you book your luxury spa getaway for 2021. We are grateful for the support from our local community and all our guests and we look forward to seeing you soon! We remain dedicated to keeping Cal-a-Vie Health Spa clean and sanitized for the safety of our guests and staff. Please continue reading to learn more about the enhancements we have made to our already strict cleaning standards.



Cleaning Protocols

Cal-a-Vie is using cleaning products and protocols meeting EPA guidelines, approved for effective use against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.


social distancing

We kindly request at least six feet of distance from other groups of guests while standing in lines, participating in fitness activities, utilizing the elevator, or moving around the property.


high touch objects

Stringent cleaning and sanitizing procedures will be used to clean guest rooms and public areas, with particular attention paid to high-touch surfaces like door handles and countertops.


Food & Beverage

Dining areas have been modified to accommodate social distancing requirements, and staff are assigned duties that prevent and or minimize cross-contamination.


Our Dedicated Team

All employees receive training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols, with more comprehensive training for our teams with frequent guest contact.


Staff Safety Protocols

Face coverings are mandatory for both guests and staff members while in public and common areas. Extra face masks are available at the Front Desk upon request.

Steps We’re Taking

  • All guest villas are individually temperature controlled with no shared air circulation.
  • Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is complying with local and state-mandated occupancy limits.
  • Visible signage is posted throughout the property as a continual reminder to practice social distancing.
  • Appropriate PPE is required by all employees based on their role and responsibilities, and in adherence to state and local regulations.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are placed at key guest entrances and contact areas. Additionally, guests receive complimentary hand sanitizer.
  • All employees, guests, vendors, and external service representatives are required to have a noninvasive temperature check with a touchless thermometer prior to entering the property.
  • Guest rooms are cleaned twice every day. Clean towels will be available daily upon request.
  • All bed linen and laundry will continue to be washed at a high temperature in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • The frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning has been increased, and fresh air exchange has been maximized.
waiter outside with mask and gloves holding plates of food

Check In & Check Out

Upon arrival, guests receive a complimentary safety kit with hand sanitizer, a facemask, and gloves. The Front Desk area has been arranged to maintain proper social distancing standards. For added protection, Plexiglass barriers and signage are also in place. Guests will not need to visit registration to check out. Copies of their final bill can be emailed, faxed, or mailed upon request directly by the front desk.

women in masks at the check out counter

Guest Rooms

Industry-leading cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guest rooms, with particular attention paid to high-touch items like toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, telephones, in-room control panels, light switches, temperature control panels, alarm clocks, luggage racks, and flooring. Sanitizing products are deployed into the rooms by use of an electrostatic fogging machine to maximize effectiveness prior to a room being occupied, and when the room is vacated.



More frequent cleaning and sanitation protocols are being followed to maximize safety in fitness spaces, and equipment is disinfected after each use.


Spa & Beauty

Treatment rooms are sanitized prior to and after every session. Staff are also required to wear industry-leading PPE and follow established guidelines.



While shopping in our Boutique and Antique Boutique, proper social distancing practices are required for all guests and team members.

*Cal-a-Vie Health Spa has enhanced all health and safety measures for the benefit of our guests and employees. It is required by all persons who enter the property to follow posted instructions. Although our resort is spacious and relatively secluded, exposure to the Covid-19 virus still exists in any place where people are present. By visiting Cal-a-Vie Health Spa you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19.