Executive Chef Curtis Cooke believes, “the foundation for a healthy, happy life begins with food.” That concept underlies all the healthy cooking techniques incorporated throughout the daily menus. Cal-a-Vie’s culinary experience is genuinely farm-to-table with seasonal fresh produce and herbs harvested from the gardens and wild flower honey from our apiary. 

While meeting all special requests, our guests are treated to a menu that embraces mindful eating and reconnects with natural ingredients. Meals are prepared with nutrient-packed options that are artfully presented with color, texture and scents—resulting in dishes that look as good as they taste.

Curtis Cooke

Executive Chef

Curtis Cooke joined the award-winning Cal-a-Vie Health Spa as Executive Chef in 2013. For 16 years prior to that, he helmed the kitchens at some of the most renown destination spas in the United States. “The foundation for a healthy, happy life begins with food.” This concept is at the center of Cooke’s masterful healthy cooking philosophy and is incorporated throughout the entire Cal-a-Vie culinary experience. Cooke encourages guests to fall in love with the flavors of nature by sharing his passion for color, texture, and scent in order to prove that simple, healthy eating can be elevated to gourmet status. For every meal, Chef Curtis strives for the guest to experience the ‘potager to plate’ process and to accent the food by bringing the focus all the way back to the seed.