*Bod Pod
The Bod Pod is the most innovative technology to assess your body fat and lean mass. Measuring your body composition is one of the best indicators of overall health.

*Fitness Evaluation
A Fitness Evaluation and Wellness Profile is a wonderful service that is included for all European, California, and Special Stay 7 night plan programs. This one-on-one Fitness Evaluation is a comprehensive overview of the individual’s general fitness level. The results are based upon testing for cholesterol, body fat percentage, flexibility, strength, aerobic capacity, blood pressure, resting heart rate and body measurements. In conjunction with the Fitness Evaluation, guests complete a Wellness Profile questionnaire. Records are kept so that upon return visits a comparison reading provides insight into how changed behaviors have influenced the results. This can be very beneficial for individuals to set both fitness and wellness goals.

*Metabolic Rate Testing
The test will measure your breathing and how much oxygen your body uses. This tells you how much energy (or calories) you are burning. This information can be used to calculate your target caloric zones so you can learn what it means to “eat to your metabolism.”

*VO2 Fitness Assessment
This test clinically measures oxygen consumption (VO2) and heart rate. These measurements are used to find target heart rate zones based on the individual’s aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. This test is designed to gather physiological performance data during a graded exercise test while breathing into a mask. During the test, the body is subjected to gradually increasing exercise levels measuring the body’s metabolic status and performance at each of the exercise levels. This test will identify ideal workout intensity levels. This data may then be used to define a precise, personalized exercise regimen to reach specific training goals.

3D Body Scan
Styku creates an exact 3D model then extracts hundreds of precise body measurements within seconds. Individuals can view precise waist, hip, bust, thigh measurements and more with an accuracy of 0.125 inches. Getting scanned is easy and harmless. Using infrared light, you stand on a rotating platform for 30 seconds while a 3D camera captures millions of data points. Styku uses a proprietary 3D feature recognition technology to extract measurements and generates reports to help track changes over time for future reference.