Mind, Body, Spirit 

Helping you bring your life into focus while stepping away from the daily grind is one of our specialties. Mental clarity is vital to your well-being and just as important as your physical condition. We place a special focus on mind-body-spirit wellness, and classes like yoga and meditation are essential aspects of our program. Our 20 classes focused on mind-body synchronization include Calm Mind & Body Tai Chi; Aqua Yoga; Muscle Melt; and Tension Release Exercise.

Or, let our experts assist you with finding yourself via Guided Visualization; Meditation in the Chapel; or Expanding Mind Meditation.

Yoga. Meditation. 

Take a break from stress with Yoga classes and dedicated Meditation experiences that teach how to become quiet, intuitive and wise in a hectic world. Guests can learn mindfulness practices, set intentions and experience guided visualizations in Cal-a-Vie’s restored 18th century French chapel or tranquil outdoor Labyrinth. These practices can be used at any time eliminate the burdens of stress and sooth the soul, providing greater peace and wellbeing.

Mindful Art & Creativity

Let your creative side shine. Here you have time and space to relax, let your mind wander, and tune into your senses. Be mindfully present, and enjoy the process of creating.