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John Turk | Anti-aging through Fitness

A personal Trainer with over thirty years experience, John specializes in anti-aging and weight loss. As a fit 54 year old, he is very familiar with how the body ages while staying in shape. John knows what works best to slow down the aging process by utilizing proper diet and exercise.

He has also helped several high profile actors prepare for their movie roles in which they needed to be extremely fit. He is formally educated in Strength and Conditioning, Functional Exercise, Corrective Exercise, Myo-Fascial Release and Nutrition. A former competitive Bodybuilder and Fitness model, John has appeared on the cover of several high profile fitness magazines such as, Muscle and Fitness, Mens Fitness and Physical Magazine. John was also a competitive martial artist, winning numerous titles and portrayed the character "Sub-Zero" in the #1 rated video game - Mortal Kombat.