Our observatory ‘Celestial Experience’, allows guests to discover the cosmos twice per week under the direction of special guest presenters. Star-gazing has been linked to multiple health and wellness benefits including a sense of personal growth, transcendent thoughts and positive emotions. In addition, Astro Tourism has taken off in recent years with the frequency of astronomical wonders enticing travelers to view phenomena in our sky.

The Celestial Experience at Cal-a-Vie takes place on Tuesday night and Saturday morning offering guests an opportunity to explore the glow of the universe in the evening as well as the phases of the sun during the day. Spa guests who participate in the one-hour program will learn about specific deep space objects through lectures and telescope viewings including their significance, distance in lightyears, as well as general concepts about space and time.

The observatory is positioned on top of a hill overlooking Cal-a-Vie’s grounds, offering astronomical views of the sky. The two-story structure features eight flat screen TVs, a state-of-the-art Takahashi telescope and imaging technology, as well as 26 seats from the original Houston Astrodome.

Our daytime program as part of its Celestial Experience, perfect for taking advantage of the season’s extended daylight hours and California’s iconic sunshine. In addition to star gazing at night, allows guests to explore the solar system during the day as part of Cal-a-Vie wellness-themed lecture series. The weekly Sun Viewing program, inspired by the Thousand-Yard Model, begins with a guided thousand-yard hike through the surrounding vistas to explore the distance between the sun and planets in our solar system within the half-mile space.  The trek concludes with a visit to Cal-a-Vie’s Observatory where guests can gaze through a special solar telescope to view the celestial bodies during the day.

The Sun Viewing program will take place each week at Cal-a-Vie on Saturday, while Stargazing is scheduled for Tuesday evenings.