Spa Treatments

Quieting the mind by relaxing the body is an essential step in the quest for personal health and wellness. Whether you are an avid spa-goer or new to the spa experience, enhancing your well-being is the focus of all our skin and body treatments.

Our body and beauty therapies—developed in coordination with international health and beauty specialists—deliver the ultimate experience. Every treatment provided by our experts will leave you feeling relaxed and cleansed. We infuse the finest products—natural plants, sea extracts and restorative oils—into each treatment session. Just three or four days—or better yet, a week—at the spa will leave you feeling refreshed and pampered.

Specialty Treatments,
Wraps and Scrubs

Indulge and intoxicate your skin with Thai, Shiatsu or bamboo massage.
Find bliss during a lavender honey, espresso limón or thalassotherapy seaweed wrap. Options abound.


Your face is in amazing hands during our array of one-of-a-kind, soothing facials that are rejuvenating, anti-aging and non-invasive.

Hands and Feet Treatments

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing hand or foot massage, a French manicure or a polish change, our treatments will leave your extremities luminous and even-toned.

Salon & Beauty Services 

Hair and scalp treatments. Eyelash extensions. Makeup application. Hair coloring and glossing. Teeth whitening. Our full-service salon goes well beyond the basics of beauty treatment.