“I consider my time here to be life-altering. I’ve lived a pretty  healthy lifestyle before coming here, but I learned so much more that I can incorporate into my daily routine. I want my family to benefit from my wonderful experience at Cal-a-Vie.”  

“A wonderful destination spa to return to because the improvements are so noticeable: different classes, additional buildings and great vision. Cal-a-Vie continues to reinvent perfection and it shows!”

Jan V, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“This place is paradise and the grounds are absolutely beautiful. Pictures can’t do it justice. This is the best place to get some rest and relaxation, get fit and to escape the rigor of everyday life.”  

Mary J, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“During times of transition, finding yourself in a place which surrounds you with beauty, peace, laughter, and joy might be exactly what you need to feel strong again. Thank you Cal-a-Vie for helping me remember how beautiful life can be.”

Pia R, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“The attention to every detail was like nothing I’ve ever seen! All of the staff are incredibly friendly and the fitness and spa therapists were extremely knowledgeable. This was the best vacation I’ve ever had!”

Nancy O, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“This was an incredible “couples” vacation because it allowed us to focus on just “us”.  It was renewing, relaxing, and energizing.  As a guy, especially when I was the only guy upon arrival, I had my trepidation.  However, this was the greatest vacation I’ve ever taken because Cal-a-Vie was able to challenge me beyond my expectations, relax me beyond my wildest dreams, and give me time to spend renewing my relationship with my wife.”

Steve P, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“Cal-a-Vie is truly a unique experience. Each element of the experience is executed with perfection. The physical environment is extraordinary in every respect; a modern facility filled with French and Italian antiques. The cuisine is not only prepared with healthy ingredients but skillfully cooked by Jason so that it tastes great. The fitness program is the first rate as are the spa services. Every single person on the staff performs their role in a manner that cumulatively assures that each guest’s experience is flawless. All in all, a perfect experience.”

Seth Gersch, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“I had the most magical experience at Cal-a-Vie. It was cleansing, healing and uplifting. I felt like a new person when I left. Repaired, rejuvenated, rested and restored. I hope to visit Cal-a-Vie again and again and again!!!!!”

Poppy Montgomery, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“Every year we go on a mother-daughter trip. This was our first spa experience. I must say this was our best-bonding trip ever! We hope to make it an annual girl’s trip!” 

Katie Fallet, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“A dream come true for total fitness, relaxation, treatments, and meals. A must for everyone!”

Bobbie Williams, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“I hope heaven is as good as Cal-a-Vie!”

Mary Rodriguez, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“We had a gorgeous, fun-filled stay at Cal-a-Vie. The food was healthy, delicious and creative; world class massages and facials and literally the best service we have ever experienced. A great trip for great friends!”

Ricki Lake & Kathy Najimy, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“I was greatly impressed with the whole spa organization and how prompt & timely and so friendly and knowledgeable the staff is. I so loved the personal attention that was available because of a number of guests; the social atmosphere was wonderful because of that also. It was fun bonding with people from around the world. I thank you for a special week, and I am leaving with intentions of coming back. Thank you for a rewarding experience! Thanks to all!”

Lynette Holmes, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“In 3 days I learned how to live a healthy life. I had never been trained to work out effectively “in the zone” despite having a multitude of trainers over the years and belonging to high profile gyms. Haven on Earth!”

Cathy Arkley, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“Hiking is exceptional. Watching the sun come up in perfect weather in this incredibly beautiful environment while being greatly challenged with exercise & invigorated by good conversation is just good as life gets for me! I can’t wait to bring my daughters!”

Anne Cook, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“I came for relaxation and treatments. But by the time I left I was inspired to change my life with better eating habits, found that I do have the stamina to exercise, and I’m leaving with a commitment to improving my health.”

Bonnie Fallin, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“My third visit; my husband’s first. We had such a great time together. Met some very interesting and fun people. I’ve never felt so pampered and spoiled, but I also feel very healthy and fit. The customer service was exceptional from the top to the bottom. Wonderful culture has been developed. The staff seems to love their job. Thanks for a fabulous week.”

Sue Maxwell, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“From the time I arrived, Cal-a-Vie wrapped its arms around me and gave me an extraordinary experience that will last a lifetime.”

Debi McNabb, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“This was a fantastic experience for body and soul. You are able to work hard or take it easy and feel pampered in every way imaginable. We are leaving rejuvenated in body and mind. What more could you ask?”

Debi McNabb, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“This was a fantastic experience for body and soul. You are able to work hard or take it easy and feel pampered in every way imaginable. We are leaving rejuvenated in body and mind. What more could you ask?”

Sandy Roberts, Cal-a-Vie Customer

“The staff at Cal-a-Vie is exceptional. I have never experienced such incredible spa experiences. Cal-a-Vie over-delivers in every category. Thank you for a great visit.”

Patti Shapiro, Cal-a-Vie Customer