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Events in Southern California

Inspired Health Spa Happenings

From pickleball tournaments to couples’ packages and seminars with gifted instructors, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa hosts a wide variety of wellness-focused programs in Southern California. Reserve your retreat and complement your getaway with one of these specialized experiences.

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Upcoming Themed Weeks

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May 12, 2024-Jun 08, 2024

Please check calendar for more Coed Weeks. Taking place throughout the year, coed weeks at Cal-a-Vie are a great way for healthy-minded couples and/or friends to come together for the ultimate wellness retreat.   

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Coed weeks offer a great opportunity to spend time with your father, husband, son, brother or best friends and share the amazing experience of health and wellness in a breathtaking setting. Or may you choose to travel solo, Cal-a-Vie is a welcoming and inviting place to reset.

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Staying Youthful While Aging

May 26, 2024-Jun 01, 2024

During this special week, our team of experts will share techniques, workshops, spa treatments and nutritious ideas on how to stay youthful - the Cal-a-Vie way! 

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Offering special curated classes and treatments throughout your stay to age the most natural and healthy way. Our fitness experts will coach you on techniques to ensure you stay strong in your day to day life by building muscle mass.  Our Registered Dietitians will share the best ingredients to add to that special meal or afternoon tea that reduce inflammation while giving you healthy skin, hair and nails.  This informative week is packed with all you need to make the most out of aging!

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Mom & Teen

Jun 09-15 ,2024

Plan for quality time and family bonding in a beautiful destination during Mom & Teen Week.Take advantage of our special package offer.  

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Jun 23-29 ,2024

August 11-18, October 27-November 3

2025: January 26 - February 2, March 23 - 30

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Pickleball Weeks, where expertly crafted curriculum meets personalized attention against a stunning backdrop.

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Join us to perfect your pickleball game while enjoying all the luxuries Cal-a-Vie Health Spa has to offer off the court. Players of all experience levels will be able to partake in plenty of instruction, drills, competition and fun with our guest instructors.

Led by certified pros who are passionate about teaching, you'll elevate your game to new heights. After an exhilarating morning on the courts, indulge in luxurious spa treatments, savor delectable cuisine, and enrich your knowledge with informative nutrition workshops.

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If you need further assistance accessing the contents of this PDF, please contact Reservations at 888-373-8773.

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Mindset Matters

Jul 07-13 ,2024

Learn the importance of Mindset with focused workshops, classes and activities throughout the week. 

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Our team will lead you through a week of informative classes and workshops for tools to help improve motivation, effort and approach to challenges. All while experiencing the pampering and tranquility of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa.  You will leave this week refresh, empowered, and exhilarated! 

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Mahjong Event

Jul 21-27 ,2024

Unlock the secret of the ever-growing-in-popularity game of Mahjong with instruction and open play.  

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No matter if you are a novice or a pro you will be guided through this timeless game. Join our guest instructor for a harmonious blend of mental stimulation and relaxation. Discover the therapeutic benefits of this timeless game, fostering focus and camaraderie. Elevate your well-being with Mahjong mastery – a journey of balance and bliss.

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Lastics with Donna Flagg

Jul 28, 2024-Aug 01, 2024

Influenced by her training in classical ballet, jazz, modern and musical theater, Donna created Lastics Stretch Technique, a method designed to help you improve your flexibility.

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Donna's stretch classes have been taught at Joffrey Ballet School in New York, Joffrey Academy of Dance in Chicago, Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, Peridance Center, Dance Teachers Association of New Jersey, BroadwayCon, New Jersey Dance Center and The New York Health and Racquet Club. In addition, Donna is a featured guest every year at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa in San Diego, California.

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Women's Week

Jul 28, 2024-Aug 03, 2024

More Dates: September 22 - 29, October 20 - 27, November 3 - 10.  2025: January 19 -26, March 9 - 16 

With Women's Weeks held throughout the year, you will join in the company of like-minded women and experience uplifting fitness, healthy eating strategies, and relaxing spa services, all designed to empower your body, inspire your mind, and nurture your soul.

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As mothers, daughters, friends, wives, and business leaders, women spend most of their lives putting others first. At Cal-a-Vie Health Spa - it's all about you. During Women's Week, in the company of like-minded women, you can experience improved fitness, healthy eating strategies and relaxing spa services, all designed to empower your body, inspire you mind, and nurture your soul.

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Summer Beauty Week

Aug 04-10 ,2024

Indulge in a week dedicated to self-care and pampering, complemented by the extraordinary offerings of Cal-a-Vie Health Spa. 

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Beauty Week presents the expertise of top hair stylists and colorists from Sam Brocato Salon in New York City, ready to enhance your appearance or provide a transformative makeover for both men and women. In addition to the renowned fitness, nutrition, and exquisite culinary experiences that Cal-a-Vie is celebrated for, this week promises to leave you rejuvenated and energized, with an added touch of beauty!

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Zumba with Jessica Exposito

Aug 18-24 ,2024

Jessica Exposito, a leading Education Specialists for Zumba, returns to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa for an energizing week of movement and fun!

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With glowing reviews and enthusiastic feedback from previous attendees of Zumba Week, we're thrilled to welcome Jessica back for another year of mastering dynamic dance moves and forging incredible connections! Following your energizing sessions in the studio, the Cal-a-Vie team awaits to pamper and prepare you for your restorative wellness journey.   

Jessica Exposito is native and resident of Spain, she is Zumba® Education Specialist for Zumba Fitness and Zumba's newest specialty, Zumba® Step, which blends the fun of Zumba's international rhythms and movements with effective aerobic exercises on a step.

Having discovered her passion for dancing as a young girl, Jessica sought to transmit all of her own love of dance to others to enjoy. With perseverance, that dream of teaching dance for a living has come true. "Being a teacher enriches me every day," said Jessica. "My heart is happiest when I see the smiles of a studio full of appreciative Zumba fans!"

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Book Signing & Luncheon

Aug 27-27 ,2024

Join us for an exclusive event and opportunity to shop and tour Cal-a-Vie.  Cameron Silver, author of CAFTAN CAPSULE, will be here for a private one-day event with lunch, book signing, and presentation.  

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Yoga Week

Sep 08-14 ,2024

Dive deep into the essence of yoga with a week filled with classes designed to enhance your poses and forge a stronger connection with your practice. 

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Explore the healing powers and the intricate anatomy of yoga with our expert instructors. Drawing inspiration from a comprehensive yoga training, this week offers a transformative experience, empowering you with a sacred and enriching practice.  All proficiency levels will be guided through a diverse range of classes including Ashtanga, Trapeze, and Yoga Sculpt.  

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Wellness Week

Oct 06-12 ,2024

Ready for a reset?  Need stress relief?  Looking for healthier eating habits?  Although Wellness is always a focus at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, this special week guides you through a renewal for your mind & body. 

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During this week, ideal for a pre-holidays get-a-way, you will benefit from our team of specialists as they focus on guiding you through the five pillars of self-care – Restorative Nutrition, Invigorating Fitness, Mind-Body Connection, Nourishing Cuisine and Rejuvenating Spa Treatments – for a Life-Changing Experience!

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Pilates Week

Nov 10-17 ,2024

Build flexibility and stability while learning the fundamentals of this proven technique for a healthier and stronger you!

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Revitalize your body and mind with our Pilates intensive! Join our certified instructors for a transformative experience, sculpting strength and enhancing flexibility. Dive deep into Pilates principles for a revitalizing journey. Elevate your well-being, embracing balance and renewed energy. During this special week we also feature nutrition workshops and rejuvenating spa treatments to support your overall health and physical improvements.  

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