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Welcome to Cal-a-Vie

A Haven of Health

Voted North America’s #1 Destination Health Spa by Travel + Leisure, Cal-a-Vie is an award-winning fitness and health spa retreat in scenic Vista, California. Owners Terri and John Havens modeled our property after a passion for historical antiques, family trips to France, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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Our History

Terri and John Havens fell in love with Cal-a-Vie Health Spa on their first visit in 1998, immediately sensing something special about it. They were enchanted with the spa’s intimate size, classes, and romantic Southern California location. The couple became owners on July 1st, 2000, and began crafting their vision for its future together. Since then, they have transformed the 200-acre property into a French countryside-style paradise, winning top awards from Conde Nast and Travel + Leisure year after year. They continue to offer guests a tranquil haven filled with beauty and life-changing wellness experiences.

Authentic French Architecture

The Chapel and Meditation Center was originally the Chapel at the Convent of the Carmelites in Dijon, France. The convent was constructed over several centuries, beginning in the 16th century and continuing through the French Revolution in 1789. The entire Convent was demolished in 1978, except a few historically significant buildings, which were carefully reconstructed for use as Cal-a-Vie's Meditation Center and officially opened in 2006.

Authentic French Architecture

The Havens purchased the L'Orangerie from the Convent of the Carmelites in Dijon, France, to complement the 17th-century French Chapel. The 400-year-old limestone greenhouse originally protected orange trees during cold months. Later, the building was adapted as a dining hall for the religious community and a place for social gatherings. Keeping in harmony as a social venue, the L'Orangerie at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa will welcome celebrations for years to come.

Authentic French Architecture

The Parish House was originally built circa 1715 in the heart of France’s Burgundy country. The Parish House was built as the priest's residence, adjacent to the Parish Church. The Havens shipped the building from France and reconstructed it on the current site surrounded by the fabulous panoramic vistas of Cal-a-Vie. Reconstruction was completed in June 2018, and the Presbytere was opened for guests to enjoy the distinctive estate wines of Chateau Cal-a-Vie.

The Chapel, Circa 1615

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The L’Orangerie, Circa 1710

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The Parish House, Circa 1715

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