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Q: What is the typical temperature?

A: San Diego County weather is described as Mediterranean with daytime temperatures averaging 72º degrees throughout most of the year. The July high is around 80º and the January low can be in the 50s.

Q: What time do I check-in and out?

A: On arrival day please check in any time after 1:00 pm. Please plan your departure any time before 11:00 am.

Q: How do I get there?

A: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa provides complimentary transportation to and from the San Diego Airport (SAN). If you are on a private flight, we will pick you up at Carlsbad / Palomar Airport (CLD).

Q: Can I expect to lose weight during my stay at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa?

A: With our active exercise program, gourmet spa cuisine, and therapeutic spa treatments, most guests lose weight. More importantly, you are stimulating your metabolism while making healthy lifestyle changes. If you somewhat adhere to the Cal-a-Vie Health Spa program when you return home, you should see a continued drop in weight and inches.

Q: My husband and I are vegetarian. Can you accommodate our special diet?

A: Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated. For special dietary needs, we suggest a pre-arrival interview with our chef and registered dietitian.

Q: I am very active and fit. Will your fitness program be challenging enough for me?

A: Yes, our fitness team offers a variety of over 120 classes. Activities are advanced for the very fit. For guests needing a less rigorous regimen the program can be effectively modified for anyone’s age and fitness level.

Q: Does Cal-a-Vie provide spa services on a walk-in basis?

A: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa offers privacy and exclusivity to all guests and there is no walk-in traffic.

Q: Can you describe a typical day at the spa?

A: We schedule you for a full day of fitness, spa treatments, meals and other activities; everything is optional. Click here to view a typical day at Cal-a-Vie.

Q: I am a golfer. Can I include golf in my program?

A: Yes. Vista Valley Country Club, our sister property, is located adjacent to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa. A private member club with a Ted Robinson-designed golf course, Vista Valley is owned by Cal-a-Vie Health Spa and is available to our guests to play 9 or 18 holes, or use the driving range.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa provides windbreaker jackets, robes, bath shoes and bedroom slippers. Rain gear is also provided.  We suggest you bring your own workout wear, one or two swimsuits, shoes for hiking and athletic shoes for fitness classes, socks, personal toiletries and medication, sunscreen, hat and gloves for late fall and winter months. We provide daily laundry service for your personal laundry.

Q: How often do your guests return to Cal-a-Vie Health Spa?

A: We have an amazing return guest rate of over 65%. In fact, when a guest reaches a total of 70 points (one point earned for each paid night at the spa), we celebrate this honor by planting an orange tree with a personalized plaque in the guest’s name.

Q: What’s the age of your typical guest? Is it mostly women?

A: The median age is 45. The majority of our guests are women but you will find the majority of our weeks are co-ed with one or two women’s weeks a month. We are seeing an increase in the number of men visiting Cal-a-Vie Health Spa.

Q: I will be coming by myself. Will I feel out of place?

A: Cal-a-Vie is perfect for solo spa-goers. Although some guests are here with friends, family or a spouse, many of our guests are here by themselves and thoroughly enjoy their time with the other guests while participating in the meals, fitness classes and other activities.  There can be plenty of alone time too for those looking for a serene, independent spa retreat. You are always in good company at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa.

Q: Does the price include everything? What could be extra costs?

A: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa’s packages are designed to be all-inclusive. However, the price does not include tax, gratuities, upgrades or added treatments of other services.

Q: Is wine and alcohol served at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa?

A: We respectfully request and invite our guests to enjoy cocktails or wine in the privacy of their room. We will provide glassware and other accessories for their cocktails or wine service. Wine can be purchased with a credit card through Vista Valley Country Club from their wine menu.

Q: Can a group have a private party or event at the spa?

A: Yes, we often host private groups and retreats, providing a program that is custom-tailored to the specific needs of the group. Click here for more information.

Q: Can I bring my teenager?

A: Cal-a-Vie Health Spa’s minimum age is 16 years. You may be interested in our popular Mom/Teen Week.


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