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Superpowers for Maintaining Fitness Motivation

By Kyra Oliver,
Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach and Director of Marketing


Maintaining a fitness lifestyle requires motivation. Many find it in different ways, but here are our top three recommended superpowers that everyone can use!


  1. Superpower #1: Decide what you are going to do the day or week before. If you wait until the morning of, you are likely to waste precious time just deciding! If you make your decision the night before, you will feel less frustrated and are more likely to complete the workout.
  2. Superpower #2: Make plans with a friend or sign up for a class. Commitment and accountability is everything. Not only will it help you be more consistent and actually get TO the workout, it will help you perform the workout better! I purposefully choose certain workout meet ups or classes so that I do a better job. I definitely enjoy the workout even more. It truly makes my day by lifting my spirits due to surrounding myself with positivity—yes, exercise is a positive thing.
  3. Superpower #3: Decide what you are going to wear. This super power is the fun part! Choosing your favorite athletic wear makes it exciting. I always feel really good when I sport my favorite leggings. We have some super cute leggings in our boutique that you can purchase online or stop by during your next stay! Visit our online boutique here.


Motivation is always at your fingertips. You just need to make it a habit by using these easy-to-access tools. Enjoy each and every moment and use your super powers wisely!



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