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The Most Popular Sport in U.S. History!

Pickleball has become the most popular sport in United States history! That must mean that people are having fun, and fun is a huge part of self-care.


We are excited to have a local pro pickleball player, Pat Carroll, in the house or rather—on the courts, again this year for our Pickleball Series starting August 28th. To get you in the game for this Cal-a-Vie pickleball season, we asked Pat to give us a few takeaways.


Cleaning Up Your Game with Pat's Picklosophy

Pat shares that it is essential that you learn and use efficient technique on all shots. “There is no shortcut to winning pickleball”. She reminds us that since hitting the ball over the net and into the court comes quickly for most, it is often perceived as success without much attention to technique, strategy or movement. That illusion leads to a lot of mistakes. Simply taking the time to understand the game and learn strategy can be a life-changing experience—something we claim you will always have at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa.


Key Takeaways:

• Taking your game to the next level requires commitment and practice. Consider working with a coach. 

• Giving at least 30 minutes of practice for every 2 hours of play will improve your game significantly if you are practicing the correct techniques.

• Equally important is game strategy and court management. Again, working with a coach can help you. The basic strategies, if practiced, promise to make you a better player.

• Wear proper shoes. This is essential because they offer the most lateral protection from twisting an ankle as well as optimum cushioning of the sole. Additionally, the ability to slide and pivot is crucial; the shoe makes all the difference.

• The paddle is important too! Pat recommends a minimum weight of 9 ounces so that the paddle head is heavier than the handle. This results in more control with less effort due to the quickest transfer of weight through the hit.


We hope you are enjoying time on the courts and we would love to see you here. For more information about pickleball at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, please contact our reservation team at or call 888-373-8773.



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