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What Is a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Experience?

What Is a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Experience?

By Kyra Oliver


Mental Fitness is critical to a joyful life and may help reduce depression, anxiety and disease. Our mental health is as important, if not more, than our physical health. Our Refresh & Renew Program is dedicated to helping you learn how to improve your mental health. One technique that is new at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is our Crystal Bowl Sound Bath class.


The effects of sound healing, or sound therapy, is no secret. It has been around since ancient times and is based on the concept that the entire body, (and all things in the universe), create a vibration. If we can find balance in the body and mind, it may encourage phenomenal healing that is so soothing and refreshing-- hence, a part of our Refresh & Renew program.


Made of pure quartz and a little sand, crystal sound bowls, or sometimes called crystal singing bowls, range in a variety of sizes from 5 to 24 inches. There are clear versions as well and are typically lighter and used a little differently. Regardless, during the making of these bowls, certain sounds are developed intentionally and when played at the same time, it is intensely beautiful. I find myself tearing up a bit every time-- in a beautiful, healing way.


“When I play the crystal sound bowls at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, I feel the energy in the room light up in every single person. It is powerful and an experience that you must feel in order to understand. You’ll be back for more.” says our Sound Bath expert, Kumiko Niwayama,  about how she feels when conducting a class.


History of Crystal Sound Bowls

Way back during ancient times, these precious vibrations came to life and have migrated through many countries and cultures. This practice became useful as part of the body’s energy centers, also known as chakras, with the goal of supporting the best health possible.


The bowls have been made of different metals such as copper, zinc, iron, and traces of gold and silver. These types of bowls are the Tibetan singing bowls and are still common today; however, the crystal versions, heated to extreme temperature of 4000 degrees, have caught the attention of most health practitioners with the thought that the crystal bowls may provide more healing than the metal ones.


Healing Properties of a Crystal Sound Bowl Bath

Relaxes Your Brain, Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn off those racing thoughts? That is what the bowls help you do by taking you into deep relaxation. When we relax, we reduce stress, depression and anxiety; we can relieve physical and mental pain; and, we may enhance brain clarity and aid in a healthy immune system. A healthy immune system may help decrease disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, addiction and mental health problems.


Provides Healing Through Meditation

Meditation can help us have awareness of thoughts and shift them towards a more positive way of thinking. This is a favorite technique of mine and it works, but you have to practice it. Using the bowls could be useful in enhancing the practice of awareness and shifting thoughts, ultimately, providing more balance in the body and mind.


More Restful Sleep

Who doesn’t want better sleep? The bowls have a way that can slow your brain wave patterns. This creates ore delta waves which are dominant during sleep. I would love a 20 minute sound bowl meditation just before bed! In fact, I fall asleep during every Crystal Bowl Sound Bath session I go to-- yes, it is THAT relaxing!


While here at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, a must-do is our Crystal Bowl Sound Bath class. It is truly magical in every sense! Come join us so that you can indulge in, yet another, life-changing experience with us at Cal-a-Vie.


Try a short Crystal Bowl Sound Healing experience with Kumiko in the video below.


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